Fishpork’s 10 Favorite Albums of 2014

This year was filled with veteran artists adding worthy contributions to already impressive discographies (Beck, Liars, TV on the Radio). Some artists put out amazing solo efforts apart from their main gigs (Thom Yorke, Avey Tare, Hamilton Leithauser). Here is the list that got the most plays on our iPods this year, our favorite albums of 2014:

1. Tobacco – Ultima II Massage

“It’s dirty, uncompromising, and often times euphoric. Ultima II Massage is a bizarre ride not meant for the weak of heart”

2. Liars – Mess

“Here’s another band that brilliantly re-invents their sound from record to record without straying too far from that recognizable Liars’ aesthetic.”

3. Caribou – Our Love

“This record reveals itself on repeat listens as a complex and dynamic beast. Our Love is Dan Snaith at the top of his game.”

4. The Antlers – Familiars

“The exciting revelation from Familiars is its revisiting the exaggerated melancholy space of 2009’s Hospice, the record that put The Antlers on the map and continues to be a creative inspiration.”

5. The Horrors – Luminous

“The strength of Luminous lies in its cohesiveness. Each track builds effortless upon the preceding song, constantly builds upon the mood and themes of the record, and stays true to their retro and contemporary influences.”

6. Hamilton Leithauser – Black Hours

“Let’s face it, it’s Leithauser’s voice that made The Walkmen so damn good. He just might be the most gifted vocalist in indie rock. And that’s what’s on display here.”

7. Thom Yorke – Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes

Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes follows more closely in the vein of The Eraser than anything else. It’s another minimalist collection of beat-driven tracks that rely heavily on the Radiohead frontman’s well-known falsetto.”

8. TV on the Radio – Seeds

“The album transitions from gloomy to hopeful and back again throughout its running time, an obvious side effect of a band still dealing with the death of their bassist Gerard Smith in 2011.”

9. Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks – Enter the Slasher House

“Overall, Enter the Slasher House is a bloated palette of noise, melodies, and layered effects. There is a lot to ingest here without feeling overloaded, but it’s all worth savoring.”

10. Beck – Morning Phase

“Each song is a near-perfect exercise in moody, minimalist, and orchestral songwriting from one of the most talent musicians of the last quarter century. The only issue with the record is its lack of originality. “


Honorable Mention:

Most Overrated:

  • St. Vincent – St. Vincent

  • The War on Drugs – Lost in the Dream

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