Fishpork’s Favorite Music Videos of 2014

The music video is certainly not dead, as some have proclaimed. With the increased availability of high quality cameras to more artists, the marriage of music and film has produced some powerful messages in 2014. While there were many worthy videos this year, we narrowed down a list of five favorites. These are Fishpork’s 5 Favorite Videos of 2014:

1. Tobacco – “Streaker” (Directed by Eric Wareheim)

2. SONOIO – “Thanks for Calling” (Directed by Matt Sundin)

3. Keaton Henson – “Don’t Swim” (Directed by João Nuno Pinto)

4. TV on the Radio – “Happy Idiot” (Directed by Danny Jelinek)

5. Self – “Runaway” (Directed by Ballard C. Boyd)

6. Caribou – “Our Love” (Directed by Ryan Staake)

7. “Weird Al” Yankovic – “Foil” (Directed by Al Yankovic)

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Avid concert goer and film buff obsessed with indie and electronic music.

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