Saul Williams @ The Trocadero

saul williams at the trocThe build up for this Saul William’s show was immense for me. I went to a NIN show at the House of Blues in Atlantic City that Saul opened up for a few years ago. Unfortunately, I decided to hang out in AC and miss the opening act. Since then, Saul got Trent Reznor to produce his new album, “The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust.” You can download it here for free. Obviously, it’s a play on the famous David Bowie album and stage name. The album was easily one of my favorites of 2007 (maybe even better than Year Zero).

The show definitely met my expectations. Saul came out in complete Niggy atire, including knee-high boots, face paint and feathers in his afro. The Niggy Tardust concept is socially conscious and politically progressive, without being preachy. CX KiDTRONiK provided all the necessary beats and back up vocals. Saul was also accompanied by a keyboardist and live bass player. Standout songs were “DNA,” “WTF” and “Black Stacey.” – Mark

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