MP3s: “Good Ol’ Boredom” and “Life’s A Dream” by Built to Spill

built-to-spill2009 started off strong with a handful of epic releases. However, the last six months have seen a saturation of forgettable albums. Built To Spill quickly changes the mundane musical landscape of the summer with their seventh album, There Is No Enemy. “Hindsight” was the first song from the album to see daylight. The track was a standard BTS song that didn’t excite or disappoint. Next, Stereogum premiered “Things Fall Apart,” a devastatingly perfect track that instantly jumps near the top of the BTS catalog. Two more songs have made their way into cyberspace and confirm the anticipation for one of the year’s best releases. There Is No Enemy comes out 10/6. You can download “Good Ol’ Boredom” and “Life’s A Dream” or stream them below:

“Good Ol’ Boredom”

“Life’s A Dream”

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