Album Review: Tarot Sport

Fuck Button’s Tarot Sport is a mesmerizing exercise in electronic musical composition. The album displays an uncanny ability of the noisy electronic duo to do the impossible: transform indecipherable bleeps and glitches into highly accessible (even your Grandma might dig this shit), 10-minute instrumentals. Each track is repetitive but highly melodic and catchy. Andrew Hung and Benjamin Power build up each song  slowly and reward patience with hypnotizing crescendos that induce goosebumps on repeated listens. Imagine Sigur Ros and Aphex Twin collaborating on a album.

There are only seven tracks on Tarot Sport, but that doesn’t equate to a lack of material. Five of these songs approach or surpass the 10-minute mark effortlessly. Highlights include the epic “Olympians,” which features an addicting percussion loop that swells into inspirational synths. If the band removed the “Fuck” from their name, I’d vote for a radio-friendly version to be the theme song to the 2010 Winter Olympics. “Rough Steez” is a shorter track that takes several obnoxious noise samples and stitches them together into digestible form. The song represents why Hung and Power are  untouchable in the electronic music scene at the moment. Tarot Sport is one of the most epic and addicting albums to be released in the last few years. It’s an absolute masterpiece!

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