Christmas on Mars DVD and Game

The Flaming Lips have released their Christmas on Mars film extravaganza on DVD. You can order the film in one of three fantastical packages that only the Flaming Lips could dream up:

  1. Mega-Deluxe Edition ($39.95) – box of popcorn, a bumper sticker, a collectible movie ticket, trading cards, t-shirt, CD of movie score, and DVD of the film.
  2. Deluxe Edition ($24.95) – includes only the CD of movie score and a DVD of film.
  3. The third package isn’t quite so nice as the first two. The DVD is available on its own at your local DVD retailer (Best Buy, Amazon, etc.) for $14.95.

You can only purchase the mega-deluxe package on the band’s web site for a limited time. If you are planning on picking up the deluxe package, you may want to hit Best Buy to get it a few bucks cheaper than the band’s site. The band is giving away golden tickets to its New Year’s Eve Concert in Oklahoma City to 10 “lucky” fans from the first 1000 who pre-order. Those tickets act as VIP passes but do not include airfare and accommodations. Come on Lips! Pony up!

Additionally, the band has created a Christas on Mars interactive game. In the game you must ward off little Wayne Coyne heads as they float toward you. Check it out for yourself here. I’ve made some screen shots from the game below.


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