Atoms For Peace @ Roseland Ballroom

We’ve been waiting four long years for Thom Yorke to take his electronic-heavy Radiohead side project and catalog stand-out on the road. That wait ended last night as Thom and company (including Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich and bassist Flea) invaded New York’s Roseland Ballroom for the first of a two-night stint. The band called themselves Atoms For Peace, which is also the name of a track on Thom’s lone solo EP, 2006’s The Eraser. Written mostly on a laptop using samples, many from unreleased Radiohead tracks, we were curious to hear how the band would translate the electronic vibe of songs played from The Eraser for the live environment. With two percussionists, Godrich on electronics, Flea freaking out on bass, and Thom switching between piano and guitar, the live incarnation was stunningly similar.

The band started in grand fashion with a slow building version of The Eraser’s title track and continued to play the LP in its entirety! After the nine song set, the band walked off the stage, returning shortly for what turned out to be a seven song encore. Yorke started the encore alone on stage and played two new Radiohead songs and Kid A standout “Everything In Its Right Place.” The rest of the band joined Yorke for the last four songs, which included Radiohead b-side “Paperbag Writer” and more new, unreleased tracks. Yorke and company absolutely blew the doors of off Roseland last night. The only complaint I have was the atrocious sound, which was flat-out embarrassing during Flying Lotus’ cracking and popping opening set. The sound crew seemed to have things slightly more in order for Atoms For Peace, but audiophiles may have been wincing at times throughout the show.

01. The Eraser
02. Analyse
03. The Clock
04. Black Swan
05. Skip Divided
06. Atoms For Peace
07. And It Rained All Night
08. Harrowdown Hill
09. Cymbal Rush

Encore 1
(thom solo)
10. Chris Hodge/Let Me Take Control (NEW SONG)
11. The Daily Mail
12. Everything In Its Right Place

(full band)
13. Paperbag Writer
14. Judge, Jury & Executioner
15. Hollow Earth
16. Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses

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