Girl Talk “Does a Radiohead”

Feed The AnimalsGregg Gillis, better known as Girl Talk, decided to drop his latest record, Feed The Animals, (ala Radiohead/Trent/Saul) as a “pay what you can” download. The Pittsburgh native is the master of mash up and has been dropping hits since his 3rd release “Night Ripper” dropped in 2006 on the Illigal Art label.

Regardless of what you pay, you get a zip file of the entire record as 320kb mp3s. If you pay five bucks or more, you can download uncompressed FLAC files. $10 gets you the files and a copy of the CD when it comes out in September. If you choose to pay zero dollars, you are prompted to choose a reason. Here are the options from the website:

— I may donate later
— I can’t afford to pay
— I don’t really like Girl Talk
— I don’t believe in paying for music
— I have already purchased this album
— I don’t value music made from sampling
— I am part of the press, radio, or music industry
— Other reasons

Well worth the price!

Steal it here.

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