Girl Talk Releases New Album For Free

It’s been two full years since we interviewed Girl Talk following the release of his last record, Feed The Animals. Today, Greg Gillis surprised fans with the free download release of his new and highly anticipated follow-up, All Day. Gillis tours around 300 dates per year, so offering the new album as a free download is probably not hurting the pockets of his newfound success.

I haven’t yet located the Beyonce/Led Zeppelin mash-up he was working on during our call, but there’s already a Wikipedia page up documenting all the sampled artists. You can download Girl Talk’s All Day here at his Illegal Art’s label page. The page is running VERY slow today since he’s currently number one on Google Trends. The early highlights include the Phoenix/Ludacris mix on “Triple Double,” the Radiohead/Isley Brothers/Birdman mix on “Make Me Wanna,” and the Lady Gaga/Aphex Twin/Soulja Boy mix on “Get It Get It.”

Girl Talk – All Day by user5904919

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