Atlas Sound Releases 41 49 Tracks In Three Four Days

Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox is hands down the most prolific songwriter of this generation. In addition to releasing a Deerhunter and Atlas Sound record each year (it’s actually seven albums in less than six years), Cox continues to share additional music on his blog. The only difference between these tracks and what other bands may categorize as demos or leftovers is the fact that most of what he shares is studio-worthy. This week, Bradford was especially generous for the Thanksgiving season, releasing three volumes of Atlas Sound tracks. He’s calling them Bedroom Databank Vol. 1, 2, and 3. The tally so far is 41 songs, and who knows if tomorrow will bring more. All three volumes are worth your time (haven’t skipped one track yet) and can be downloaded for free here. Get a taste of “Mona Lisa” from today’s Vol. 3 below. Enjoy!

EDIT: Cox posted Vol. 4 yesterday. Could there be a Vol. 5?

Mona Lisa by Playcount

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