Tapes ‘n Tapes @ Johnny Brendas

We finally made it back to our favorite music venue after a hiatus that lasted a few months. Saturday night’s Tapes ‘n Tapes show confirmed that Johnny Brenda’s is simply the best venue to check out your favorite indie band in Philly. With two bars stocked with local brews on draft, a capacity of less than 200, and sound that rivals Carnegie Hall, all the variables are in place for an epic night every time out. Add the severely underrated Tapes ‘n Tapes high energy live performance, and we’re talking about one of the best shows we know we’ll see this year (and it’s only February).

The brothers tapes (no, they’re not really brothers) landed at #4 last year on our favorite shows of 2009 list, so we arrived in Philly with high expectations. Following my glowing review of Outside, the band’s nearly flawless new record, the set list was a perfect mix of new favorites and old classics. Highlights included new tracks “One in the World” and “On and On,” while hardcore fans appreciated the rarely played “Lines” from Walk It Off.

The only complaint I had on Saturday, unrelated to the band’s performance, was that the crowd was too chatty. With steady talking throughout the entire show, everyone went nuts during the band’s breakout 2005 hit “Insistor.” Once the song ended, much of the crowd went back to their conversations, even after the band went into “Manitoba,” my personal favorite track from the band. Tapes ‘n Tapes left the stage after “Manitoba” and came back out to play an absolutely insane version of new single “Freak Out” for their encore. We got our vinyl signed by members of the band after the show and hung out for the “after party.” Shout out to the dudes from Ohio who drove out just for show. Thanks for the shots!

Here’s the final set list:

1. Beach Girls
2. Conquest
3. Just Drums
4. Demon Apple
5. 10 Gallon Ascot
6. Hang Them All
7. Hi Dee Ho
8. Cowbell
9. Outro
10. One in the World
11. On and On
12. Lines
13. Omaha
14. Badaboom
15. The Dirty Dirty
16. The Saddest of All Keys
17. Insistor
18. Manitoba
19. Freak Out (Encore)

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