Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise @ Knitting Factory

It was a nostalgic trip into the depths of our indie fandom on Monday night, as the Athens-based heroes from the Elephant 6 collective treated a sold out crowd at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory to the best of their eclectic discography. It was the first of three sold out shows in NYC. The night was highlighted by some of the stronger tracks in the Elephant 6 vault. Elite players from The Olivia Tremor Control (Will Cullen Hart & Bill Doss) and Elf Power (Andrew Rieger) often overshadowed the rest of the collective.

Ultimately, it didn’t matter, as the lesser known projects were front and center just as much as the established. Neutral Milk Hotel alums, Scott Spillane (The Gerbils) and Julian Koster (The Music Tapes), were given ample stage time for their offbeat, experimental projects. There was a sense of complete democracy among the players, which is part of the appeal of the group of indie veterans. The night was interestingly complimented by odd, seemingly acid-induced storytelling from Koster and a giant snowman stage left. During a trip outside to make a phone call, I rubbed shoulders with Jeff Mangum. Yes, he was there but did not play. I suppose we’ll be able to wait until his Fall tour, which include four NJ dates!

[photos via Eardrum NYC]

UPDATE: nyctaper has posted an excellent quality recording of the entire show here.

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