Black Moth Super Rainbow @ First Unitarian Church

The Red Falcon Projects. These guys really killed it. They sort of looked like former members of an 80’s hair metal band who eventually took a lot of acid and decided to play with synths instead. The Red Falcon Projects come out and start their set off slow with spacey synths whizzing by. In the distance you can hear a beat start to surface; next thing I knew, there was a girl next to me full-on raving. They had me mesmerized. I loved the contrast of the almost mechanical beats mixing with the very organic and swelling synths. As the opener turned off their equipment, I was bummed for about two seconds. And then I remembered who was up next … The Marshmallow Ghosts!

But that was a lie, because there was a surprise guest. I had heard that one of my favorite rappers had been on tour with someone but they canceled, and somehow he got snagged by Black Moth’s tour. So out stumbled Serengeti. Wow, he was wasted. But that made no difference, he plugged his iPod shuffle in and went at it. He kept referring to his stuff as “just some rap shit”. Oh, I beg to differ. The crowd didn’t seem to really get why he was up there at first, but everyone eventually warmed up to it. As he finished his set, he looked to the back of the room and said something along the lines of, “I think that’s it, right Marshmallows?”

The anticipation of the Marshmallow Ghosts live has been stewing since the day I heard they were opening. How to describe them? Ryan Graveface fronted, psychedelic shoegaze meets creepy backwoods folk. Everything about them is distorted, from their appearances (they all wore masks) to their vocals and instruments. The lights go down, and they take the stage. Their new songs have more of a shoegaze feel than the creepy Halloween theme to their previous releases. The songs build a great deal of tension and then slam you with a wall of fuzz and distortion. This was mostly influenced by their bassist. The second she stomped that distortion pedal, everything changed. She would go from playing single ambient notes to full four string chords, giving every chorus a very huge, full feel. Their set was a constant swell of this trend, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. It is almost Halloween, do yourself a favor and buy their album. Support bands that deserve it.
Black Moth Super Rainbow. What else is there to say? The self-conscious synth-pop band from the middle of the forest. This isn’t my first time seeing them, but the first time was at a festival. Of course, I prefer the intimate venue. BMSR takes the stage, and I am standing literally three feet from Seven Fields, at the most, and right in front of Iffernaut. Her beats were so prominent in every song. On the album they are present but live they really pound, especially during “All The Friends You Can Eat” and “Spiracle.” Watching her play was intense; I was blown away. The reworked, live version of “I Think It Is Beautiful That You Are 256 Colors Too” was definitely one of the highlights of the set. The original song alone has a relaxing summer feel, but they added a more epic soundscape to the live version. The new songs have a really great vibe to them and seem to stray from the sing-along style of Dandelion Gum and the composition-heavy Eating Us. Every album they release has a prominent change in style, and that’s what makes each album great.

After thirteen songs of being lost in a daze, the bass line starts for their final song of the set, and audience loses their mind as they hear the “Forever Heavy” synth fade in slowly underneath. The song had such a gargantuan feel to it. Then, they were gone. The crowd didn’t stop cheering until they came back out. It’s a bit surprising that “Sun Lips” has become the sing-along song for all fans. At both shows, the festival and here, fans were yelling the lyrics. Strange. Then, came the Tobacco songs. They played “Motorlicker” and “Constellation Dirtbike Head.” Absolutely insane! Show over. If you’re looking for musicians that ‘push the envelope’ check out all of the bands on this ticket; and if you ever have a chance to catch them live, GO! That’s all there is to it.

[photos by Weekly Dig]

(New Song)
Melt Me
Tooth Decay
(New Song)
Neon Syrup for the Cemetery Sisters
Iron Lemonade
All The Friends You Can Eat
I Think It’s Beautiful That You Are 256 Colors Too
(New Tobacco  Song)
The Afternoon Turns Pink
Drippy Eye
Caterpillar House
Forever Heavy

Sun Lips
Constellation Dirtbike Head

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