Fishpork’s 10 Favorite Videos of 2011

Did Andreas Nilsson really not make a video this year? I suppose that takes a bit of the bite out of this year’s favorites list, doesn’t it? Just like last year, 2011’s list includes more from the legendary music video auteur Spike Jonze. While there were many worthy videos this year, we narrowed down a list of ten favorites. Featuring the Beastie Boys sequel to a 25-year-old original, a raucous comedy by Maynard James Keenan, and a performance piece that incorporates light and darkness to perfection, these are Fishpork’s 10 Favorite Videos of 2011:

10. “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win” by Beastie Boys (Directed by Spike Jonze)


9. “My Machines” by Battles (Directed by Daniels)


8. “Dance” by Saul Williams (Directed by Cédric Blaisbois)


7. “Midnight City” by M83 (Directed by Fleur & Manu)


6. “Lotus Flower” by Radiohead (Directed by Garth Jennings)


5. “You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are” by Keaton Henson (Directed by David Wilson)


4. “Conditions of My Parole” by Puscifer (Directed by Mike King and Maynard James Keenan)


3. “Fight For Your Right (Revisited)” by Beastie Boys (Directed by Adam Yauch)


2. “Shipwreck” by Modeselektor (ft. Thom Yorke) (Directed by Tony “Truand” Datis)


1. “Enough” by SONOIO (Directed by Matt Sundin and Caspar Newbolt)


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