EP Review: Silent Hour/Golden Hour

Daniel Rossen’s Silent Hour/Golden Mile EP is as satisfying a listen as any release in the Grizzly Bear or Department of Eagles catalog. Rossen is the undeclared heart and soul of both of those bands and puts his stunning voice and guitar play front and center on his first solo release. His voice is nothing less than stunning on this release, and there’s even a piano ballad in “Saint Nothing.”

Still only 29, he’s already considered an indie rock God in many circles. Silent Hour/Golden Mile further solidifies his place. Each song would not miss a beat on Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest, one of our favorite albums in recent memory. Standout “Silent Song” may be my favorite track of 2012 so far. From the opening twangy acoustic guitar, to the subtle but brilliant change at the one-minute mark, to the jaw-dropping breakdowns and flawless switches between layers of acoustic and electric, the track is an absolute gem. The EP is one of the best releases of 2012 not named Bloom.

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