Fishpork’s 10 Favorite Albums of 2012

Although it was first self-released in 2011, the official re-release of Keaton Henson’s Dear… was the obvious selection to top our favorite albums list in 2012. It’s a sprawling, emotional, and incomparable masterstroke from a relatively young and unknown artist from the U.K. Keaton’s highly-anticipated follow-up, Birthdays, is set for release early next year. If new single “Sweetheart, What Have You Done to Us?” is any indication, we’re in for another great year from Mr. Henson. If you haven’t listened to Dear… yet, pick it up immediately. You can stream the album in its entirety below. The rest of the list is comprised of the records that got the most plays on our iPods this year, our favorite albums of 2012:

1. Keaton Henson – Dear …


“Not since the likes of Elliott Smith and Jeff Mangum has a musician had such an immediate and powerful effect on the way I think about, and more importantly, feel about music. Dear…. is an instant and sorrowful masterpiece that may not be suitable for repeated listens. It’s an intensely depressing record that features minimalist instrumentation …”


2. Black Moth Super Rainbow – Cobra Juicy

“Fec has emptied the chambers of his synth arsenal on the latest BMSR release, and I haven’t heard this many hooks on a record that challenged its listeners since Pretty Hate Machine.”


3. Beach House – Bloom

“… a devastating masterpiece that removes any filler that may have kept Teen Dream from perfection.”


4. Father John Misty – Fear Fun

“Fear Fun is absolutely mesmerizing in all respects and serves as the only sane reason for any drummer to leave one of the most respected bands in indie rock. Mr. Tillman’s lyrics are otherworldly, featuring pitch-perfect analogies and biting sarcasm.”


5. Amanda Palmer – Theatre Is Evil

“It’s Amanda Palmer’s magnum opus and plays like a greatest hits album of songs you haven’t heard before. That’s because each and every track on the LP is better than just about everything she’s previously released.”


6. Animal Collective – Centipede Hz

“… a fearless collection of songs that fly in the face of their last and most successful LP. The new album is light years away from the accessibility that saw MPP reach #13 on the Billboard chart.”


7. Black Dice – Mr. Impossible

“From the wonderfully distorted guitars and deformed vocals on opening track “Pinball Wizard” to the layered, anthemic, and indecipherable chorus on “The Jacker,” Mr. Impossible plays like a fun house of sounds liquified by a blender.”


8. The Walkmen – Heaven


9. Dr. Dog – Be the Void


10. Grizzly Bear – Shields


Honorable Mention:

  • Busdriver – Beaus$Eros
  • Sigur Ros – Valtari
  • Dirty Projectors – Swing Lo Magellan


Most Disappointing:

  • Of Montreal – Paralytic Stalks
  • Yeasayer – Fragrant World
  • The Mars Volta – Noctourniquet


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Avid concert goer and film buff obsessed with indie and electronic music.


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