Blanck Mass @ Public Assembly

Blanck Mass, the solo project of Fuck Button Benjamin John Power, played a late night post-ATP show in Public Assembly’s back room on Monday. Armed with just a few buttons, dials, and a laptop, Power tore into the deafening drones of his self-titled 2011 debut at a glacial pace. But that’s the point. Anyone expecting three-minute pop songs need not apply. Blanck Mass’ music is about finding an interesting and ethereal space and spending an extended period of time there, visualizing, reflecting, analyzing, or whatever else confirms the experience for you. On occasion, the UK-based Power keeps you there for 10+ minutes, as layers upon layers of sound wash over you.

Last night in Brooklyn, most of the 40+ in attendance had a good idea what to expect, as many stretched out on the floor¬† and let the wall of noise eviscerate what was left of their ear drums. The show was purposefully loud. Several in the crowd moved back, as others covered their ears throughout the 70-minute set. The setlist was drone-heavy early and slowly transitioned into the more beat-driven tracks in his catalog. One of several standouts included, “Sundowner,” a song that was featured during the opening ceremony for this year’s Olympic Games in London. However, the highlight of the night was certainly “Polymorph,” the B-side track from Power’s new White Math/Polymorph EP and one of my favorite tracks of 2012 so far. Kudos to those running the sound at Public Assembly, as the 10-minute epic sounded transcendental in your space.

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