Hear Four New Keaton Henson Songs!

Keaton_-_Birth.jpeg.scaled1000Keaton Henson’s sophomore effort Birthdays is just six weeks away, but some new songs are popping up from his live museum tour in the U.K. We’ve already heard the first single, “Sweetheart, What Have You Done To Us,” “Lying to You” from his Mahogany and BBC sessions, and the heavier “Kronos” official video, but Keaton has been playing even more new songs recently. Special thanks to YouTube user mike54245 for uploading a few new tracks from the museum tour. Check below for the Birthdays tracklist and most of the versions of songs out there so far. You can pre-order Birthdays here. February 25th cannot come soon enough!

1. Teach Me
2. 10am Gare du Nord (London Cinema Museum)
3. You (London Cinema Museum)
4. Lying To You (London Cinema Museum)(Mahogany Session)(Live at the BBC)
5. The Best Today (London Cinema Museum)
6. Don’t Swim
7. Kronos (official video)
8. Beekeeper
9. Sweetheart, What Have You Done To Us (London Cinema Museum)(official video)
10. In The Morning (London Cinema Museum)
11. Milk Teeth
12. If I Don’t Have To
13. On The News

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