Album Review: Our Love

I was a huge fan of Caribou’s 2010 LP Swim. Its strength was in how unique Dan Snaith’s compositions were. No one sounds like Caribou, and I couldn’t get enough of his experimental dance. Closing track “Jamelia” was an absolute revelation and earned its way on my playlist back then and hasn’t been replaced to date. It’s been over four years since Snaith’s intensely introspective Swim, and Caribou finally returns with Our Love, a record that Snaith reveals he made for his fans. It’s not nearly as original as his previous work, but it’s certainly his best work to date. This record reveals itself on repeat listens as a complex and dynamic beast. Our Love is Dan Snaith at the top of his game.

With the exception of “Second Chance,” which seems severely out of place here and doesn’t work for me on all levels, the track list is nearly flawless. Two immediate highlights of the record are also two of the best tracks of this year. I’m not sure I’ve listened to a song more than “Silver” in 2014. The underlying synth rhythm floors me each time I listen, and additional layers of synth melodies thrown on top compliment it perfectly. Snaith’s falsetto works nicely here, as does the sampled female vocal. “Back Home” builds incredibly slow, but the anticipation toward the celebratory climax intensifies on repeat listens. The breakdown features this Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight” moment when the crescendo hits its peak. Title track “Our Love” is an engaging dance piece that fits well within the confines of the the records style and themes, but its the string arrangements contributed by frequent collaborator and fellow Canadian Owen Pallett that keep the otherwise straightforward dance track unpredictable. Our Love is on our short list of favorite albums of 2014.

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